Strata I-V Strata I-V
Archive Show Strata + Unfold Plinth
Strata I-V, wood, hinges and collected objects, 2011, Archive, Skypark Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Each of us is bound by our separate perceptions. Memory is the only record that we create and keep as a true account of our individual experience. Yet, memory is faulty, a complex network of stored sensations all of which begin as electrical impulses traveling through the brain. An event is retold and re-recorded on the mix-tape of memory and the 6-inch fish grows 6 feet.

In Strata I-V, the wood is a laminate of five kinds of trees, providing the increment of strata comprising the collection. Each element of the Strata marks a momentarily meaningful experience marked through the language of objects, providing a locus of embodied memory. Unlike an archive, my collection resists providing the provenance of each object. I supply only the condition upon which each object was added to the collection:

Strata I Objects collected for me
Strata II Objects collected without intention
Strata III Objects collected for the strata
Strata IV Objects given to me
Strata V …

The Unfold Plinth was constructed to function as part of the work, allowing for the collection to unfold over a period of 6 days. The durational nature of the work speaks to the way memories fluctuate in our minds, sometimes hidden, obscured, or completely inaccessible.