Object Logic Workshop

Use Value, Exchange Value, and Sign Value.

By investigating everyday objects through these logics of value, participants in the Object Logic workshop consider the differing values of Art vs. Craft. In Jean Baudrillard's For a Critique of the Political Economy of the Sign, he outlines several logics of signification in an attempt to “distinguish the logic of consumption”: Use Value: a logic of utility, an instrument Exchange Value: a logic of the market, a commodity Sign Value: a logic of status, a sign Taking Baudrillard’s definitions of use value, exchange value, and sign value as a starting point, the Object Logic workshop explores the value of everyday objects. Participants explore notions of cultural and personal value as they relate to objects of art and craft.
This workshop was presented 2.18.14 as part of Craft/Work at the Beauty and Brawn Art Gallery & Think Space, 3501 W. Fullerton Chicago, IL 60647.
This workshop was presented on 6.8.14 and 7.13.14 as part of FIND | MAKE | SOLVE at the Lillstreet Art Center and Lillstreet Loft, 4401 N. Ravenswood Ave. Chicago, IL, 60640.