Choon Qun and Kai Lin

Choon Qun and Kai Lin, digitally printed fabric, thread, wooden hangers, performance, 2013, photography by Gabriel Leung

Choon Qun and Kai Lin documents a work presented in Perfectly Situated, at the artist-run New City Space, 25 April 2013 – 3 March 2013.  Pictured in the work are Singaporean co-curators Choon Lin Joo and Kai Qun Chun – alongside garments made by the artist. The duo are photographed here wearing their favorite shirts. The surface patterns of each garment were digitally reprinted and sewn into the opposite garment forms, as seen hanging on the walls. For the duration of the exhibition, the curators participated in a performance in which each wore their corresponding shirts in the gallery space. Choon Qun and Kai Lin reconfigures the performer’s identities by reconstructing their physical garments, their gender-relational roles and their names.

 Kai Lin Choon Qun
Choon Qundigitally printed fabric, thread, 2013, photography by Gabriel Leung
Kai Lin, digitally printed fabric, thread, buttons, 2013, photography by Gabriel Leung