The Higher Education Corporation, Arts Divisionpop-up banner, table cloth, table runner with Higher Education logo, promotional buttons, pencils, paper pad, mug, laptop computer, website, promotional video, folding table and chairs, 2013, Glasgow School of Art Master of Fine Art Degree Show

The Higher Education Corporation, Arts Division, a dematerialized course for postmodern learners, is a farcical critique of the commoditization of Higher Education in America. In The Higher Education Corporation Arts Division (HECAD), the artist acts as all company employees, provides her face for all ‘customers’ and performs to video as Tom Thompson, Chief Academic Officer. In the video, Tom delivers his pitch for the “dematerialized” course model of the entirely online art school.  The installation contains a pop-up banner and table set-up reminiscent of a college fair (complete with promotional materials), yet in the place of a recruitment officer sits a laptop displaying the HECAD website and promotional video.

This work emerges from the artist’s experience as both student and educator and explores the ways in which the artist is implicated within the roles and the structures she critiques.